Checking water meters

The water meter (meter) is a complex technical device. Over time, its parts wear out, deform, and the meter can give incorrect readings, both in the direction of reducing the actual volume of water that has actually passed, and in the direction of its increase. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to check its work (verify). The initial verification of the counters is carried out by the OEM service of the manufacturer, as indicated in the passport for the meter. Also, the passport specifies the initial calibration interval, that is, after what period of operation it requires adjustment, calculated from the date of manufacture. The guaranteed time interval, during which the meter reading can be considered reliable (calibration interval) is established by the meter manufacturer in agreement with the State Metrology Service, this period can be from 4 to 5 years. Also, in accordance with the Water Supply and Sanitation Agreement concluded between each subscriber and the Luninetsky PSC Vodokanal, the water quantity is recorded according to the indications of the serviceable and trusted metering devices, and in the absence of them or the expired verification period, according to the current water discharge rates that are determined in accordance with the current legislation. In addition, based on the terms of the above agreement, the subscriber undertakes to provide a water meter for the verification in due time.
At our enterprise there is a calibration plant for water meters with a diameter of 15 to 40 mm. In 2010, the Luninets PMC VKH “Vodokanal” received a certificate of compliance, giving the right to provide services for the repair of individual water meters. The site of repair and verification of metering devices is staffed with qualified personnel and equipped with all necessary equipment for the production of this type of work.
In connection with the implementation of the state program for the installation of meters, the need for repair and verification of water meters is becoming increasingly important, and the enterprise is ready to cope with this task. To install an apartment water meter and register it in Vodokanal any subscriber has the right, but all consumers who installed meters, acquire a number of other duties. For example, in time to hold the gospel of the device. First of all, subscribers need to understand, Gospodarka is not a whim of Vodokanal, but a requirement of legislation. Just like, for example, the scales on the market, all meters once a few years (a specific time depends on the brand, manufacturer and year of release) must undergo the procedure for checking the operability and correctness of accounting. Unfortunately, on the spot it can not be done, as some subscribers are naively thinking. This is done in the water-measuring workshop of the Vodokanal on a special stand with different characteristics of the water flow. Do not manufacture employees of our company, but representatives of the State Standard (they are also called state administrators).
Our company monitors the timing of the calibration of water meters installed at the subscribers. At the end of the service life of water meters, each subscriber is sent a prescription for their verification. About the forthcoming scheduled verification of water meters are reported in the announcement at the entrance. You need to apply to the workshop to agree on the time for the removal of meters. To perform these works, you need to provide free access to the water meters and ensure the serviceability of the valves before the water meters. Special brigades come to the time agreed with the tenants and take off the water flow meters. When removing the metering devices by the Vodokanal forces, the Subscriber from its part must ensure the serviceability and reliability of the stop valves, pipeline, flexible wiring. In the event of damage to materials, junctions, parts due to their poor quality, the Subscriber shall reimburse the expenses for the elimination of the emergency situation and its consequences independently and at his own expense. When withdrawing water meters, the representative of Vodokanal issues an act of withdrawal with indication of the brand, factory numbers of the instruments taken of their condition, indications and the date of their installation after state verification. If it is impossible to stay at home in the time specified in the act, it is necessary to first clarify the application for installation by tel 3-16-10 from 9:00 to 16:00. In case of absence of the subscriber, lack of free access to water meters or failure of the valves in front of water meters – a repeated application for the installation of water meters is done for a fee.
In accordance with clauses 4.4 and 7.9 of the “Rules for the use of public water supply and sanitation systems in cities and towns of the Republic of Belarus” approved by the order of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus No. 128 of 26.12.1995 registered and entered in the register of state registration by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus No. 1274/12 from 26.01.1996, the subscriber is responsible for the integrity and safety of seals and for the unauthorized removal of water meters. The water flow is determined by the throughput capacity of the water meter from the day of the last invoice on the day when the seals were found.

How to apply for verification of water meters?

The following information is mandatory for processing calls:

  • Full name owner;
  • Address, which requires state verification of individual water meters;
  • Contact phone number, where the dispatcher can contact you when processing the received order;
  • If necessary, you can indicate important comments.

To clarify the date of execution, the dispatcher will contact you at the specified contact phone.

You can send a message directly from our website by filling out an electronic application for calibration of water meters.

Application for verification of water meters