Procedure for payment of services

The procedure for payment by the population for the services rendered by the VIC

The population is charged and paid for services rendered in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 571 от 12.06.2014 g.

The payment for water supply and sanitation services by the population should be made monthly according to the testimony of water meters, taken on the last calendar day of the month, or in the absence of them norms of water consumption, and no later than 25 of the day the month following the reported.

We do not recommend consumers to understate or overstate the readings of water meters, since the verification of the meter readings will be carried out periodically. The revealed underpaid volumes will be calculated at the full rate. Payment of the same volumes for inflated indications will be returned to subscribers in order for settlements to be made according to actual water consumption and at current tariffs.

In case of untimely payment of services, a fine of 0.3% is charged for each day of delay in accordance with the legislation.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we ask apartment subscribers, in case of their temporary absence, to report to the Vodokanal subscriber service the water meters at the time of departure. This information will be recorded on the subscriber’s card, accepted for calculation (if there is a difference between the readings of water meters) and presented for payment upon the return of the subscriber. Under this scheme, the subscriber should not have problems with the appearance of excess volumes when paying through bank branches (at the post office) after returning.

If the subscriber consumes water, but can not pay in the time established by the law, he must provide the indications of individual water metering devices to the Vodokanal subscriber service. Data on the consumed water flow will be recorded on the subscriber’s card and presented to him for payment next month.

On subscribers who have not paid their arrears for two or more months on a voluntary basis, documents are filed in court proceedings for compulsory collection of debts with a temporary cessation of the provision of water supply services.

When taking readings of water meters, it is necessary to check the serviceability of devices. If they fail, immediately inform Vodokanal’s subscriber service by phone:, by e-mail, either fill feedback form directly on our site.

Information on payment services via AIS "Calculation" (SSIS)

“Calculation” system – an automated information system of a single settlement and information space (AIS SSIS), created by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in order to facilitate the organization of reception of payments from individuals and legal entities (telephone contact center – 141).

“Calculation” system allows you to make a payment in any place convenient for you, at a convenient time for you, at your convenience paragraph banking – ATM, self-service, online banking, bank office, with the help of mobile banking, etc.

You can pay for our products / services with the use of cash, e-money and bank payment cards in paragraphs banking banks that provide services for the receipt of payments, as well as through remote banking tools.
If you make the payment in the bank’s cash desk, please inform the cashier about the necessity of making payments through the “Calculation” (SSIS).

To pay for the services of our company with the help of self-service terminal or via Internet banking will remind you the correct sequence of actions:

1. Click the the system “Calculation” (SSIS)
2. Select sections Brestskaya obl. -> Luninets -> Utilities -> Water supply ->Vodokanal services
3. Enter the required payment parameters: Personal account
4. To check the found information about the payer (full name, address, number of counters, payment period must correspond to the previous month)
5. Enter the current readings of each meter, if the subscriber pays water on the counters or the displayed amount by the standard account. Check the correctness of the entered data.
6. Make a payment.

The number of the personal account can be specified in the subscriber department of the Luninetsky KUP WKH “Vodokanal”: 2-67-13, 2-44-62