The contract for the provision of water and wastewater services

At the conclusion of contracts with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on the water supply and sewerage Luninetsk PMC WSS “Vodokanal” is guided by the following regulations:

Law of the Republic of Belarus of 24.06.1999 number 271-W (eds. From 31.12.2010) “On Drinking Water Supply”

Terms of use centralized water supply systems, wastewater (sewage) in the localities of the Republic of Belarus, approved. The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 30.09.2016g. №788

Please note that the use of water and Throw wastewater without the conclusion of an agreement is the basis for Luninets KUP WKH “Vodokanal” to determine the amount of water consumed by the bandwidth capacity of the pipe input, proceed with its full cross-section of at least 24 hours every day, at a speed of water flow, as well 2 m/s for 30 days.

Subscriber shall establish the necessary instruments for the account settlement for the supplied water.

Acceptance of the water meter unit is carried representative Luninetsk KUP WKH “Vodokanal” on the basis of a corresponding application filed simultaneously with the application for the conclusion of the contract (list of the documents and sample letters, see below).

To make a contract to the organization the caller represents WKH

— a statement showing the location of water supply, wastewater (sewage) that belong to the person on the right of ownership, economic management, operational management or some other legitimate basis, is directly attached (connected) to a centralized water supply systems, wastewater (sewage), with annexes:
  • a copy of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur;

– information:
  • about subsubscriber;
  • of the requested subscriber limit water consumption and vacation mode (receipt) of drinking water and disposal of (Throw) of wastewater;
  • of the required Quality of water consumed;
  • on the qualitative composition of the waste water depending on the type of economic activity;
  • organization scheme based on volume consumed of the centralized water supply system and other of the sources of water discharged wastewater and data about the installed metering devices;

Standard contract

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