General information

“Luninetsky “Vodokanal” was created by the decision of the Luninets district executive committee of February 3, 2000, No. 77″ On transferring the plot of the water supply and sewerage system of the Luninets RPO utilities to an independent balance sheet with granting the status of a legal entity “. Full corporate name of the enterprise: “Luninets communal unitary enterprise of the water and sewage system “Vodokanal”; abbreviated: “Luninetsky” Vodokanal”.

The company operates on the principles of commercial accounting, is a commercial organization, a legal entity under the laws of the Republic of Belarus. Has assigned to him a separate property, an independent balance sheet, settlement and other accounts in the institutions of banks and other requisites of the legal entity.

The enterprise on its own behalf concludes contracts and contracts, acquires and implements property and non-property rights, bears responsibilities and liabilities for obligations within its property, which is on an independent balance sheet. The property of the organization is located in the district communal property and is assigned to the enterprise on the right of economic management.

The subject of our organization’s activities are both the main activities, expressed in the collection, purification, distribution of water and disposal, wastewater treatment, and auxiliary activities. As the last, in significance for subscribers, it is possible to allocate: -connection to water supply and sanitation systems; -microbiological studies of water and waste water; -construction of water, engineering structures; -removal, installation, preparation for verification, repair of meters; -activity of cargo, construction transport, excavators, pumping out of sewage; -design and construction of buildings and structures of 1 and 2 levels of responsibility and engineering surveys for these purposes;

“Luninetsky” Vodokanal” is guided in its work “Rules for the use of public water supply and sanitation systems in cities and towns of the Republic of Belarus”. The relations of the enterprise with other enterprises, organizations and citizens (ie with legal entities and individuals) in all spheres of economic activity are built on the basis of contracts.

The main task

The main objective of the enterprise is economic activity aimed at satisfying social needs in its products, works and services, as well as receiving profit to meet the social and economic interests of the members of the work collective.

The main objectives of the enterprise

Uninterrupted supply of water, wastewater and wastewater services to consumers.

Rational and effective use of water, hydraulic and sewage facilities.

Effective use of water resources.

Implementation of economic activities aimed at making a profit.

Values of the enterprise


We are open to communication and guarantee our customers the best quality of service and a pleasant experience of interaction, no matter what happens.


As a state organization, we bear additional responsibility to citizens. We proudly take upon ourselves the role of example in conducting honest, ethical and effective activities.


Care for the environment is an integral part of our work. We carry out a full multi-level purification of waste water, we are working on the formation of a careful attitude to water, other resources and the environment in general. We do not let things go on its own.

Striving for the best

Introducing modern technologies and approaches in our work, we constantly improve the quality of services and increase economic efficiency.