Message from the Director

“Clean water is the way to health and longevity” – under the motto “Luninetsky” Vodokanal “has been working since 2000, since the day of the formation of the legal entity. Our company is a large production unit that provides a full range of activities for the extraction, cleaning, transportation of good quality drinking water to consumers; as well as to tap, transport, and purify sewage.

Water is the most important resource, in all spheres of life it plays a key role. With this awareness, we move from year to year only forward, both through an extensive development path and an intensive one. That is, every year we increase the number of our subscribers, we plan our activities to improve the quality of water in rural areas and agro-towns; we carry out constant monitoring of its condition in our laboratories, we improve the qualitative and quantitative composition of our services.

Every employee of our enterprise understands the full extent of responsibility with which he performs his functions, which constitute a common goal – the life-support of the whole region with a valuable resource. We understand that in today’s world, where the level of scientific knowledge is constantly growing, it is very important to ensure the continuous and timely introduction of progressive and highly efficient technologies into the overall production process. Therefore, most of our employees, depending on their specialization, constantly or periodically undergo various courses to improve their skills in their field.

We pay much attention to the moral climate in the enterprise. We constantly support or encourage employees, because we understand that the overall atmosphere in the organization ultimately affects the performance of the company’s overall strategic objectives.

Dear friends, I want you to wish that water has become for you the main source of strength, health and natural energy. And we will work so that this wish materializes for every resident of our region.

I am grateful to the whole team and each employee individually for the overall results of our daily work, for responsibility, for hard work for the benefit of the residents of the city and the district. Our common success is the success of every employee.

Yours faithfully and gratitude for work, director A.G. Radionovich