Connection to the sewage system

Luninetsky KUP WKH “Vodokanal” offers owners of private households to carry out work on connection to the sewerage system at the expense of the customer’s funds.

For this, it is necessary to have an agreed project documentation for the residential premises in accordance with the established procedure.

For connection to drainage system needs:

1. Order technical conditions for connection to the sewerage system in the production and technical department of the Luninetsky KUP WKH “Vodokanal” (Red Str., 172 – kab. 9 or room 1A), telephone for information: 8(01647) 3-16-06;

2. Order project documentation in the Luninetsky “Vodokanal” or in any of the project organizations, the project is ready to be coordinated in due course;

3. Perform work on the construction of sewage. These works can be performed by Luninetsky “Vodokanal” or other specialized construction organization;

4. To apply to the Luninetsky KUP WKH “Vodokanal” to perform works on connection of the constructed sewerage networks to the central sewerage networks;

5. To issue in due course the technical acceptance of the constructed sewage system to issue the permit-certificate for connection to the water disposal system;

6. Enter into a water disposal agreement with the Luninetsky KUP WKH “Vodokanal”.

To obtain specifications and produce design estimates for water disposal, it is necessary:
  1. Written application of a natural person for the issuance of technical conditions for water disposal from homeownership;
  2. For the development of design estimates, a written application of an individual with the necessary list of documents:

– Technical specifications;
– Technical passport for a house;
– Certificate of state registration of property;
– Certificate of state registration of land;
– Personal passport.

Additional Information: 8(01647)3-16-06