Frequently asked questions

The manufacturer sets the operating time to the water meter, which counts down from the time of the first calibration at the factory. All these data are in the technical passport of the product. Calibration interval of individual water meters – from 2 to 5 years, depending on the brand of the device.

Verification is carried out in the water measuring workshop of the town of Luninets.

The device, which has not passed the next verification, must be replaced with a new one or a serviceable one (past metrological verification).

Applications for verification are accepted by phone: 8(01647) 3-16-10 (seven days a week)

According to Point 14 of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 571 of 12.06.2014, in case of excess of the payment made by the payer of housing and communal services over the actually presented volumes of housing and communal services, the transferred funds are credited to account of future payments for housing and communal services.
In each case under consideration – individually. Statistics show that it is profitable to pay for water supply and sewerage services on individual meters for rational use of water. Water consumption by individual meters can be reduced by 30-40% and the payment will be proportionally reduced to 40%.
According to the Decision of the Brest Regional Executive Committee No. 433 of 10.06.2016, the fee for water supply and sewerage services from citizens residing in apartments and individual houses not equipped with water consumption meters (with the exception of those in which it is economically inexpedient or technically impossible to install devices) will be made from July 1, 2016 at tariffs ensuring full recovery of economically justified costs for their provision.

If you natural person living in an apartment – a personal passport, a document confirming the ownership (inheritance, purchase of an apartment), a certificate of the composition of the family.

If you live in a private house – additional required to provide a technical passport.

At the conclusion of the contract after a new connection to the water supply and sanitation systems, it is additionally necessary to submit a package of documents for construction and connection.

Tap water in its composition is completely full and safe for consumption, and also meets the requirements for it.

Full and detailed information on this issue is available on our website in the section“Subscribers”.

Also, you can get exhaustive consultations on this issue in the production and technical department of the Luninetsky KUPP VKH “Vodokanal” by phone 8(01643) 3-16-06.

If, as a result of the accident, the water meter has been removed, it is necessary to replace the seal with the Vodokanal subscriber service controller with the drawing up of a bilateral certificate.

For the period from the moment the seal is broken on the connecting elements of the water measuring unit until the moment of over-sealing, the apartment (house) is considered to be unaccounted for, for the indicated period, the charge for the services of the VIC is based on the approved water consumption norm.

The water accounting device you want to purchase for installation must be entered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of the Republic of Belarus (the seal of the Center for Standardization and Metrology of the Republic of Belarus, which certifies certification in the Republic of Belarus) must be included in the passport of the meter.

The water-measuring units should be mounted with the presence of a good shut-off valve according to the passport data of the metering devices. In the nuts of the connecting elements of the meter, there must be openings for their sealing.

After installing the counter, you need to register it. First by phone:8(01647)2-67-13 (Luninets), 8(01647)6-86-63 (Mikashevichi) it is necessary to make an application for sealing the water meters at the installation site.

For the registration of meters for the consumption of hot and cold water, the following documents must be provided:

  • passport for a new meter;
  •  passport of the responsible tenant.